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Yiying Jiang

Yiying Jiang was born in Anhui, China in Jan. 1998 and now is a student in the Central Conservatory of Music. In 2007, she entered the Central Conservatory of Music Middle School as the second place. She graduated with the highest honor (first place) and was admitted with the highest score (first place) by the senior college. She has studied the violin with Ti Zhang since 2009, who is a famous violinist, educator, professor of Central Conservatory of Music and the dean of Central Conservatory of Music Middle School violin department.

During the studying of the violin, Yiying has participated and got prizes in various competitions, such as: Second Prize—-Best Performer in senior group of the 2nd Singapore Violin Festival Competition in Jun. 2017; First Prize in the 5th Chengdu Guang Ya International Violin Competition in Sep. 2016; Second Prize in violin division of The Alice & Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition in Jul. 2016; Second Prize of Chamber Music Competition in the 19th Morningside Music Bridge, and got Stuart Holland Memorial Award; First Prize and Special Virtuoso Award in youth group of the 15th Kloster Schontal Violin International Competition in Aug. 2013.

Yiying gave recitals for many times and being invited to give significant concerts often. In March 2016, she was invited to perform with Paul Coletti in The 1st International Viola Teaching Seminar; Same month, she performed for the ambassador and the ambassadress in the Israel Embassy in Beijing. In June 2013, invited by Wing Ho, she performed Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in d Minor with the Chamber Orchestra of the Central Conservatory of Music Middle School in the Symphony Festival in school. In October, being invited again, she attended the recording program ‘My Concert Hall—Classic Foreigner Music Appreciation’ which was proposed by the Former Premier State Council Lanqing Li. In Nov. 2013, invited by South Korea National Assembly, Yiying performed as the soloist and concertmaster of the Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra attached to the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Central Conservatory of Music Middle School in Seoul, South Korea.

Moreover, Yiying also participated in many music festivals and masterclasses: Bowdoin International Music Festival in America; Morningside Music Bridge in Canada; International Violin Festival of the Central Conservatory of Music in China; Singapore Violin Festival; Zakhar Bron, Midori Goto, Ivry Gitlis, Qian Zhou Violin Master Class.