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Cooperation between ‘Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians’ and ‘G. Henle Verlag’

In order to provide participants with better experience and various rewards besides prize money, the 2nd Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians will cooperate with G. Henle Verlag, a famous publisher specializing in sheet music.

G. Henle Verlag will provide the winners with urtext editions of sheet music and APP coupons as their extra awards.

G. Henle Publishers, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a world-renowned publishing house that specializes in urtext editions of sheet music. The program includes works by composers from all different periods, in particular composers from the baroque to the early twentieth century. Many world-famous classical musicians speak highly of the excellent quality of G. Henle’s blue-cover scores. The catalogue now comprises around 1500 Urtext editions, mainly including works for piano and chamber music.

In addition to its sheet music, G. Henle Publishers also offer the Urtext editions in an APP for tablets, that is Henle Library. G. Henle sheet music with blue cover is regarded as “BENZ” or “BMW” in music industry. These scores have become professional symbols of performers. Visiting henle.de, you may find compliments from many world-famous maestros with blue-cover sheet music.