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TONG Weidong, violin professor and master tutor with Central Conservatory of Music, Deputy Chief of Orchestra Department of Central Conservatory of Music, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Violin Society of Chinese Musician Association and member of Chamber Music Society of Chinese Musician Association, Secretary General of the Organization Committee for Qingdao International Violin Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of China, Music and Art Director for 2012 Menuhin International Violin Competition of Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, and Chairman of the Judging Panel for 2013 Hong Kong International Violin Competition.

Violin Competition. He studied violin from Wang Shanxiu, Hu Weimin, Sui Keqiang, Professor Lin Yaoji and Professor jorg-wolfgang jahn. His major achievements are as follows: Prize winner in the 2nd China Youths Violin Competition (1984), was awarded DAAD Foundation Scholarship in 1996 and dispatched by the National Education Commission to study in Germany by government sponsorship, was awarded master degree in 1998, the 2nd Prize for Beijing City Education Achievements (High Education) in 2008, and won 2009 Baogang Excellent Teacher Award. Many of his students are prize winners in Central Conservatory of Music, China Youths Violin Competition and various international violin competitions such as Isang Yun International Violin Competition and Seoul International Violin Competition in Korea, Menuhin International Violin Competition, and Tchaikovsky International Violin Competition etc.

He worked as a judge for the following domestic and international violin competitions: the 7th China Youths Violin Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture in 2001, Jinzhong Cup Adults Violin Competition sponsored by Chinese Musician Association in November 2003, the 9th China Youths Violin Competition in 2009, the 15th Andre Podesta Gini International Violin Competition in Italy, Cooper Competition (Oberlin Conservatory of Music International Violin Competition) in August 2011 in America, the 15th German Kloster Schontal International Violin Competition in 2013.

He hosted master' s classes in nine domestic conservatories and is the Art Director for Qingdao International Musician Master Class which enjoys the highest academic level, and is the most professionalized and internationalized master class in China. He teaches regular courses such as Beijing Great Wall Summer Camp, Mount Royal Music Summer Camp in Canada, and Rice University of America etc. And he is well received by the students. He established Quartet of the Central Conservatory of Music in September 1999, and has held many successful concerts. He took part in Kodaly Bartok Quartet in Hungary and Stern and Rostropovich Master Classes, and performed successfully in Beijing International Music Festival and Memphis Music Festival in America. He was invited by China Central Television (CCTV) from March 2004 to March 2007 as the major lecturer for a violin course which is broadcast under a fixed schedule on the music channel in a weekly basis and is highly commended by music fans and professionals in China. The video of this course has been made into DVD and published by China International TV Corporation.